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Housekeeping Announcements

This information should be relayed to your members at the beginning of each meeting.

In case of emergencies all doors on the northern side can always be exited from.

Please nominate a member or members of your group to:

  • Call 000
  • Check the Kitchen
  • Check the Toilets
  • Check the Studio
  • Check the internal drying area
  • Check the Office
  • Check the Storeroom

There is a fire blanket in the kitchen

There is a fire extinguisher near the main entry.

There is a first aid kit in the kitchen.

The evacuation meeting point is in the park across from the car park.

The defibrillator is in the tennis club and the code is 6050.

If you notice anything broken please note this is the maintenance book so it can be repaired.

Please leave the building and all equipment as you would like to find it and check you have locked everything securely.

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Door bell – Safety & Convenience

There are many times when we may wish to keep the main front door locked – at night, cold or hot weather or you may be in the studio or simply on your own.  There is a doorbell on the inside of the main door, this is can be peeled off the inside and stuck on the outside. When rung the bell chimes in the passageway and can be heard in both the studio and the main hall.

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Repairs & Maintenance

What do I do when I notice something is broken or needs repair?

Steps to take:

  1. Locate the Repairs and Maintenance Book and Sign are located inside the Hall on the wall between the 2 sets of double doors. 
  2. Write up what the problem is.
  3. If possible place the sign on the item.

Our wonderful House & Supply Officers will take the appropriate steps from there.  You can also email them at or