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Most business operators have no idea of the true value of their customers!

Do you?

Do you know how long your average customer stays as a customer and how much the ‘average customer’ spends with you?

By knowing this you can determine what a customer is worth to you  – what you can afford to spend on marketing and most importantly, what it’s worth to retain your customers for longer.

If your business has these problems:

• ‘Chase exhaustion’ because of constant chasing for new clients
• A poor level of customer retention and repeat business
• Customers only making partial use of your services
• Customers constantly haggling over price

You need to know there is a better way!

You’re likely to be failing to capitalise on the ‘Lifetime Value Potential’ of your clients. You need to put greater effort into customer retention.

Better customer retention translates into:

• More repeat business
• Less price haggling
• Lower cost of sale
• More customer referrals
• Greater profits
• Greater business value (goodwill)
• And a more rewarding place in which to work!

Dan Kennedy, internationally recognised marketing guru (website says:

“In business to business marketing ma

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